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Blast From The Past
where old challenges go when they die
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Okay, so I decided to write a short little funny, smutty I Spy bit, to (hopefully) complement Dorinda's amazing piece, and I end up with 2300 words of angst. But there is also smut, so, um, yay?

Note: If you'd like to see a little of the magic that is Kelly and Scotty, check out some of my I Spy galleries here.

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Title: The Addams Family and the Inappropriate Elf
Fandom: The Addams Family (I was a tad irked that The Munsters made the list of old shows and my beloved Addamses didn't ^-~)
Author: Kadorienne
Archived: Here, and wherever astolat wants to if she decides to create an archive.
Notes: Written for the Blast From The Past challenge. Thank you to grey_bard for ruthlessly putting every sentence through the wringer beta.
Summary: Elf fics irritate me, not only because of the low quality of most of them, but also because they totally ignore actual elf folklore.

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Note: This story is by the fabulous Dorinda! I am just posting this for her as she continues to resist the shiny allure of livejournal. :) --astolat

Title: Sinking, Rising
Author: Dorinda
Fandom: I Spy (TV)
Pairing: Scotty/Kelly
Notes: For the classic Eggbeater Challenge: exactly 500 words and an eggbeater.

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Tree with bark (RJ Wilson)
Title: The Gladiator's Honour
Author: imperfectcircle
Fandom: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Challenge: Harlequin Romance Plot
Pairing / Rating: Ford/Arthur, PG
Beta thanks to jamjar and daegaer. All mistakes, of course, are mine.

Summary: When you're wandering through the slave markets of life, innocently minding your own business and hoping against hope that your bloody semi-cousin will hurry up and pick a gift for his tertiary mother sometime this Altrarian solar cycle, there are certain things you don't want to hear the semi-cousin in question say to one of the sale items. Third on Ford's personal list was "Have we, ah, met?"

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18th-Sep-2006 11:07 pmno subject, aie
I wrote that thinking of the 101 different ways to end up in a Canadian Shack for the BLAST FROM THE PAST forgetting that all the characters have to be from a show that isn't on the air any more... but I had fun so I'm posting it here anyway!

500 words
GP rating
Seven of Nine and two SG1 FAVOURITES!!!
Title: Cheek to Cheek

8th-Sep-2006 02:42 pm - Welcome message

(based on the Grateful Dead "bones & roses" poster with custom lettering by eregyrn! click for full-size version.)

The Blast From The Past challenge is officially open from now until October 1! ETA: extended until October 8 15! Join the community, pick a classic fandom, pick a classic challenge, and put 'em both together. If you want ideas, check out the userinfo for a list of challenges and fandoms, and for the basic rules, which can be summarized as:

- no OT posts, only stories
- if it's dead, it's eligible
- please use the tags and lj-cut

Any length welcome (unless it's a challenge that has a specific length to it), and drop a comment to this or any admin post if you have any questions or want more tags added. Yay!

On or around October 1, I will collect up the posted stories and set up an archive. I make no firm promises, but I have vague ambitions of recruiting fan artists and vidders to arrange small fannish prizes like custom icons or vidlets for participants (to be awarded randomly based on matching fandom).

There are no official signups or assignments -- this is a low-stress, low-committment thing and is just going to run on typical flashfic rules: post early and often and have fun! (In turn, please note that if you do win a prize, there is no harm-no foul if the donor doesn't have a chance to follow through, so don't do it for that reason!)

If you would like to contribute one of those small fannish prizes, please drop a comment here with your offered donation and whatever fandoms you'd be willing to donate in -- and note that if you do, that is all the more incentive for people to jump in and write stories for your fandom(s), since that means they have a chance to win that prize. *grins*

Please do spread the word -- if you would like to link using the spiffy poster eregyrn has made for us, here's the code:

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