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Blast From The Past
where old challenges go when they die
Title: Five Lives Nero Wolfe Never Led
Author: Grey Bard
Fandom: Nero Wolfe
Challenge: Five Things
Words: 700

Author's note: Given that Rex Stout died before I was born, I think Nero Wolfe counts as an old fandom, even if it hasn't produced vast quantities of fic over the years. All I can say is it's all mosellegreen's fault. Entirely. I blame her. Don't you?

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5th-Nov-2006 04:48 amno subject, aie
I made this series of Sentinel Icons. Nothing fancy, but I think they say what I want.

5 icons behind the cutCollapse )
5th-Nov-2006 04:08 am - Prize Post
Here is the manip that I made for lastscorpion. I'm not completely pleased with it but, dang, I never realized how odd the lighting was in Forever Knight everytime they vamped-out. *L*

Picture behind the cutCollapse )
21st-Oct-2006 10:27 am - For cesperanza, 6 MASH icons
3 x Trapper only, 3 x Hawkeye/Trapper.

Hope you like!

Icons HereCollapse )
20th-Oct-2006 05:08 am - For hafital, a hand-drawn icon!
tee hee
From the elevator scene: They were mostly in darkness, the only light coming from a red emergency sign over the car doors, giving everything an eerie red cast.

You can also find a slightly bigger version here.
19th-Oct-2006 10:26 am - M*A*S*H Icons
Leverage - OT3
I've made a few Hawkeye/Trapper icon bases for anyone who wants them. :) Caps scrounged from cap_it. These can all be altered or whatever, as anyone desires. No credit necessary.

17th-Oct-2006 01:42 am - ADMIN: prizes! also, community future
Thank you all for playing, guys, and I hope you've gotten as much of a kick out of these stories as I have.

I awarded the prizes through a highly scientific method: for each prize, I put all the names in a hat and pulled them out one by one until I got one that could win the prize (if the prize was fandom-specific), and I started out with the fandom-specific ones to clear the field some. Uh, except with the wiseguy prizes, when it got down to me or hafital for X's artwork, I made terrio flip a coin for me instead. *g*

The prize winners!
  • pomkeygeekange won cincodemayogirl's offer of custom icons in Hitchhiker's Guide
  • aka_arduinna won lamardeuse's offer of icons in I Spy
  • frostfire_17 won my offer of a Wiseguy vid
  • hafital won mutecornett's offer of Wiseguy hand-drawn icon & troyswann's offer of Wiseguy custom icon
  • I won X's art! I won X's art! *coughs*
  • urb_banal, who wrote ST:VOY, won my offer of custom icon in any fandom
  • gryphonrhi, who wrote Forever Knight, won lim's offer of custom icons
  • lastscorpion, who totally overachieved by writing House, FK, Bewitched, XF, Quincy, and Northern Exposure all in the same story, won quoshara's offer of a manip in any fandom -- guys, I am going to let you two work out which one! *g*
  • ...and foreverdirt, who wrote Hitchhikers, won digitalwave's offer of a manip in any fandom.

If you won or offered one of the prizes, please drop a comment to each other either on the story the winner posted or here on the post where the prizes were offered. And please post the prizes here in the comm, too, for all to see and enjoy!

(FYI -- no worries if RL has intervened, especially with the extra time the challenge was left open, and you can't do a prize you offered; as with the stories, this is meant to be low-stress and fun.)

Now, there were no stories written in some of the awesome fandoms where prizes were offered, sadly -- Babylon 5! Avengers! Trek! -- but I am sure all of us here would still love to see the art, so hey, if no one got awarded your prize, please post the icons/fanart/vidlets here anyway! And if you didn't put up a prize at the time, but you are inspired by one of the awesome stories posted for the challenge, especially ones we got for fandoms where no prizes were offered like Prey, Addams Family, and M*A*S*H (there, now stop glaring at me, cesperanza!), please by all means post art/icons/anything exciting you think of to contribute to the general happy nostalgic glow.

I am going to give it say another month for people to make the prizes and any other contributions, and then I will put together an e-zine of all the stories and all the art/icons/vids together in a shiny package with a permanent online home. :D

And also -- I wanted a close date for the challenge to award the prizes, but I figure there is no need to close down the community, because I know some of you didn't get to finish, and anyway all of these fandoms need and deserve more love, so have at 'em! Any stories that are posted before I make the e-zine will go into it, but even after that, the lovely tags feature should still make stories easy to find by fandom.

16th-Oct-2006 03:08 am - 38 Minutes, by Speranza (M*A*S*H)
Title: 38 Minutes
Author: Speranza
Fandom: M*A*S*H
Pairing: Hawkeye/Trapper
Challenge: 38 minutes challenge; thanks to Shalott (*glare*) and Terri for beta!!
Excerpt: 'Have you ever known the pleasure of drawing to an inside straight?' Trapper demands. 'Have you?'Collapse )
Title: Signals
Author: Arduinna
Fandom: I Spy (TV)
Pairing: Scotty/Kelly, explicit
Challenge: Cliche (sharing one hotel bed)
Word count: 3,173

Many thanks to Dorinda for the beta and encouragement!

SignalsCollapse )
Leverage - OT3
Thanks to astolat for the beta! And the patience. :)

Sweat (3379 words)
Sonny/Vinnie, adult
Cliche (cave/small space)

SweatCollapse )
14th-Oct-2006 06:33 pm - ADMIN: your five minute warning!
Well, more like your thirty-six-hour warning, but you get the idea. Get in those blast-from-the-past stories now! The final deadline will be tomorrow midnight, give or take (well, really just give) an extra 12 hours since anything that's up by the time I get up Monday morning will be fine.

And hey, if you've wanted to join in but just haven't had time, I just remembered -- there's always the 38-minute challenge! :)
Title: Five Doctors Greg House Didn't Drive Away from PPTH
Author: LastScorpion
Challenge: Five Things That Didn't Happen
Fandom: House crossover with Read more...Collapse )
Words: about 3560
Rating: PG-ish

Read more...Collapse )
9th-Oct-2006 12:08 pm - ADMIN: Son of Challenge Extension
Yes, you can have more time! *grins* I am sort of the opposite of cracking the whip here, but several people are still working. So let's give it one more week, until Sunday October 15, and then we'll wrap it up for good so as not to overlap too much with any Halloween challenges going on. :)
5th-Oct-2006 01:26 am - Wiseguy--Reddito Netto, by Frostfire
Title: Reddito Netto
Author: Frostfire
Fandom: Wiseguy
Challenge: Taxes
Words: 548

Revenge: Nolan and Emily
Title: Evolution Takes You To The Most Unlikely Places
Author: Lenore
Fandom: Prey
Challenge: Cliche (pon farr/forced to have sex)
Pairing: Tom/Sloan
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sloan is reminded why instinct can be so dangerous, because it's so unerring.

Note: I don't see this as a non-con story, but people who are sensitive about such issues should read under advisement.


Evolution Takes You To The Most Unlikely PlacesCollapse )

2nd-Oct-2006 11:18 pmno subject, aie
Hehe this challenge is fun.

Fandom: Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy
Author: pomkeygeekange however also posted onlexia_arcadia (for I is she and she is me...).
Challenge: Elves.
Word count: 469

And here be the fic...

With many many thanks to Terri and Cesca for beta!

Knocking Over The Table (11,635 words)
Wiseguy, Sonny/Vinnie, explicit

The temperature started falling like a rock Thursday night. Vinnie had spent the day in Delaware, sweating through his linen suit while the thermometer flirted with the hundred degree line; he was picking up a box of guns for Sonny, pieces that had fallen off the back of a truck somewhere before they'd been registered.

Halfway back to Atlantic City, after dark, he stopped at a deserted gas station on the side of the road to call the numbers in to his lifeguard. By then, his breath was fogging in the phone booth, and the guns leached heat out of his hands one after another until his fingers were tight and clenched up with cold.

Knocking Over The Table

(on my website because lj says it's too big to post, grr!)

Feedback loved!
1st-Oct-2006 08:28 pm - ADMIN: extension, anyone?
ETA: Okay, currently I'll extend it for a week, to Sunday October 8 -- holler if you want more time than that! And please do pimp!

Hey all -- we have gotten some fab stories, but I am greedy and want more, and also there are all these lovely prizes that are just going begging right now! Are there people out there who would like an extension? A few have mentioned to me that they missed the early announcement, so I am thinking I might let the challenge keep going a while longer. Are y'all interested? If you're working and want more time, or would work on a story given more time, drop a comment, let me know what timeframe you'd like, and I will happily leave it open. (Or, you can choose to hurry to get a story in tonight under the wire and be pretty sure to score one of the rocking prizes if no one asks for an extension. *grins and is still writing feverishly myself*)

-- also, hey, let me ask you all to pimp it some more, assuming we extend? Here is code for linking with a smaller button instead of the bigger image.

Okay, so I decided to write a short little funny, smutty I Spy bit, to (hopefully) complement Dorinda's amazing piece, and I end up with 2300 words of angst. But there is also smut, so, um, yay?

Note: If you'd like to see a little of the magic that is Kelly and Scotty, check out some of my I Spy galleries here.

VacationCollapse )
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