Five Lives Nero Wolfe Never Led by Grey Bard (Nero Wolfe)

Title: Five Lives Nero Wolfe Never Led
Author: Grey Bard
Fandom: Nero Wolfe
Challenge: Five Things
Words: 700

Author's note: Given that Rex Stout died before I was born, I think Nero Wolfe counts as an old fandom, even if it hasn't produced vast quantities of fic over the years. All I can say is it's all mosellegreen's fault. Entirely. I blame her. Don't you?

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ADMIN: prizes! also, community future

Thank you all for playing, guys, and I hope you've gotten as much of a kick out of these stories as I have.

I awarded the prizes through a highly scientific method: for each prize, I put all the names in a hat and pulled them out one by one until I got one that could win the prize (if the prize was fandom-specific), and I started out with the fandom-specific ones to clear the field some. Uh, except with the wiseguy prizes, when it got down to me or hafital for X's artwork, I made terrio flip a coin for me instead. *g*

The prize winners!
  • pomkeygeekange won cincodemayogirl's offer of custom icons in Hitchhiker's Guide
  • aka_arduinna won lamardeuse's offer of icons in I Spy
  • frostfire_17 won my offer of a Wiseguy vid
  • hafital won mutecornett's offer of Wiseguy hand-drawn icon & troyswann's offer of Wiseguy custom icon
  • I won X's art! I won X's art! *coughs*
  • urb_banal, who wrote ST:VOY, won my offer of custom icon in any fandom
  • gryphonrhi, who wrote Forever Knight, won lim's offer of custom icons
  • lastscorpion, who totally overachieved by writing House, FK, Bewitched, XF, Quincy, and Northern Exposure all in the same story, won quoshara's offer of a manip in any fandom -- guys, I am going to let you two work out which one! *g*
  • ...and foreverdirt, who wrote Hitchhikers, won digitalwave's offer of a manip in any fandom.

If you won or offered one of the prizes, please drop a comment to each other either on the story the winner posted or here on the post where the prizes were offered. And please post the prizes here in the comm, too, for all to see and enjoy!

(FYI -- no worries if RL has intervened, especially with the extra time the challenge was left open, and you can't do a prize you offered; as with the stories, this is meant to be low-stress and fun.)

Now, there were no stories written in some of the awesome fandoms where prizes were offered, sadly -- Babylon 5! Avengers! Trek! -- but I am sure all of us here would still love to see the art, so hey, if no one got awarded your prize, please post the icons/fanart/vidlets here anyway! And if you didn't put up a prize at the time, but you are inspired by one of the awesome stories posted for the challenge, especially ones we got for fandoms where no prizes were offered like Prey, Addams Family, and M*A*S*H (there, now stop glaring at me, cesperanza!), please by all means post art/icons/anything exciting you think of to contribute to the general happy nostalgic glow.

I am going to give it say another month for people to make the prizes and any other contributions, and then I will put together an e-zine of all the stories and all the art/icons/vids together in a shiny package with a permanent online home. :D

And also -- I wanted a close date for the challenge to award the prizes, but I figure there is no need to close down the community, because I know some of you didn't get to finish, and anyway all of these fandoms need and deserve more love, so have at 'em! Any stories that are posted before I make the e-zine will go into it, but even after that, the lovely tags feature should still make stories easy to find by fandom.